Monday, May 11, 2009

We're factor 50

When I first saw this ad last night I thought it was for NRMA. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling - "We're knee-pads, mouthguards & double-bows".

The ad plays to a nice insight around the inherrent human flaw that makes us question ourselves.

The problem I see here however, is that a bank is the brand being advertised. I think there is a disjoint between the ad concept & the product. Can I really rely on Westpac to be there for me when I forget to turn the iron off - I would suggest no. BUT I could, rely on NRMA to be there, if only to pick up the pieces after the event.

Love the concept. Love the way the ad makes me feel. Hate that it is a bank overpromising once again.

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