Thursday, May 1, 2008

Until one day came the learning process...

Travelling alone in Europe was the best experience of my life.

It allowed me to discover my strengths and forced me to rely solely on myself for all the answers - even if those answers were sometimes wrong - like the time I ended up in Caen rather than Cannes in France. I was inspired every single day and I kept a record of it by starting this blog.

I recognised that I loved writing and that when I was to return to 'real life' I wanted to incorporate my love for writing into my day job.

But my travels weren't over yet. I felt compelled to 'give something back' and applied for a role with AusAid to be placed as a media, PR and communications trainer in Samoa and hence started the most challenged period of my life to date.

After 12 months and many, many tears later, I returned to Australia and secured a role as a communications strategist with bellamyhayden - one of the forefathers of strategic thinking in Australia.