Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning warnings & public transport etiquette

So here's the thing.... I woke up & pressed snooze (which I never do). Got up after 10 minutes, dressed.
Stockings have one leg shorter than the other, so much so that I drew blood on my finger from the effort of pulling them up. Got a spot on my white dress.
Boyfriend rang - unhappy because I confused flight dates (damn international dateline).
Bus all good. Ferry all good. Train all good.
Station bad. What is it with people not understanding how to operate around public transport. There are a few basic rules.
1. Let people get off the train before you get on.
2. Stay to the left on the escalators.
3. If you have an enormous bag - go through human operated gate NOT through the ticket gates.
4. If you have an invalid ticket don't hold up everyone else by feeding it through the machine ten times before asking for assistance.
5. If you are smoker - just don't.

Here's to my day getting better.

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