Thursday, May 14, 2009

Practising what you preach

I have an opinion that you practise what you preach and I am in the practice of communications.  
Now I am not claiming to be an expert - I've a mere 5 years experience to my name, BUT it is obvious to me that if media agencies are trying to sell the benefits of digital media to their clients they should be employing those benefits themselves - otherwise, as a client, where is my reason to believe in the agency's ability to execute?
Too many media agencies aren't doing enough of this very simple practice to make their preaching successful.  I'm quite an active twitterer and I can only find a handful of media agencies to follow.  The same goes for facebook.  And then, when I look for interesting blogs to follow not many of them are backed by the industry heavyweights.
It is disappointing that Australian agencies are either too scared to allow their staff's varied opinions to escape the moderated agency walls or they find it too time consuming craft their opinions for public broadcast.  Either way I think they are missing a trick.  It simply takes one influential to comment on their blog and suddenly the door to a healthy revenue stream can open.
If only I ran an agency...

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