Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm posing a question...

Last night I got home at a reasonable hour and as such had time to actually sit down and watch TV. For once, I wasn't splitting my mind between the TV, my laptop, cooking dinner, catching up with my man or texting on my mobile... I was simply watching TV.

And guess what? I realised why TV audiences are in decline.

How have we come so far in developing the technologies around media and more specifically TV, so too deliver a better quality product but have forgotten to invest in the product itself?

Sure there have been some moments of local brilliance in recent times thanks to Underbelly, Thank God You're Here and ABC's Chris Lilley properties but I can't understand why the FTA networks need to resort to investing in Australian productions of brain-numbing mind matter such as Wipeout. Honestly, is the program rating just because people are too lazy to switch off or are the meter boxes recording eyes that are actually out of the room??

Perhaps its a matter of personal taste but I feel a little miffed being asked to invest in a digital TV/set top box and/or Tivo simply to watch people throwing themselves at giant inflatable balls and landing in mud - I could get this for free on a Friday night at the local footy club.

I'd like to know what everyone else thinks about TV content and why its being dumbed down?

*** The glam girl picture has nothing to do with this post (except that she's promoting a TV) I was just hoping to attract as much traffic as Stu did with his glam-girl post.