Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Due to popular demand....

So.... on a personal note. Matt & I have just returned from an amazing month in Europe. We had many great adventures starting in Cannes (see below posts), travelling onto the Greek Islands and then finally to Paris.

Coincidentally, this time of travel marked four years since we had met and fallen in love (in fact revisit the meeting here). Now whilst many people have said to me "you must have known" I can't stress enough how much of a suprise it was when Matt asked me to marry him on the 14th of July.

Here's the story....

When we first met I had ben travelling alone for about 5 months. I had visited paris and 100% hated it. I thought it was a smelly, grey and unfriendly city. having recounted this experience to Matt he insisted that I join him there so he could show me the true beauty of the city. I accepted the invite and not only changed my opinion of Paris but also fell in love.

Part of the romance occurred when we stumbled upon and incredible room at the Avenir Hotel Montmarte. Room 39 has the most magical view with three balconies; the first framing the Scare Couer, the second showing the breadth of the city and the third framing the Eiffel Tower.

We've stayed here everytime that we've been to Paris since.

So on the day of our anniversary Matt suggested that we have a nice breakfast together then meet up with the rest of his family who were also visiting Paris. I agreed. On the moring Matt woke up and brought me a cup of tea in bed (exactly what I love) then asked me to have a shower and get ready. For those who don't know, Matt hates to be late. He is constantly rushing me out the door and to my dismay, we are constantly arriving at events before the start time. So even on this day when we had no appointments he was hovering around trying to rush me. I told him as much and asked him to stop stressing me out!!!

When I'd finished with the 'fluffing' Matt asked me to stand on the balcony where he was going to take a photo of us all dressed up. I went out to the balcony and Matt said "Oh look, dad & Louise are up at the Scare Couer waving".... I turned around and indeed they were waving but also holding an enormous sign that said "WILL YOU MARRY ME?". I read it out loud not quite comprehending until I turned back around and saw matt on on knee holding the most incredible engagement ring that I have ever seen.

From then, it turned into a bit of an emotional fireworks dispaly with both of us a bit lost for words, crying, shaking all of the above.

After a few photos we headed up to the Scare Couer for more photos with the sign close up (amid screaming American tourists.... people said things like "oh, my god, this has totally made my holiday...." - hello, I was being proposed to, not them!!!)

We spent the rest of the day celebrating with family and friends.

On top of that there are lots of people we need to thank....

  • Both of our families for keeping this enormous secret. I had no idea and if it weren't for all of your crafty work it wouldn't have been such a suprise.
  • Mum, Dad, Jo & Kane for saying yes when matt asked if he could marry me
  • Ken, Bernadette, Mrs H, Louise, Amanda & Shrek for organising the sign and celebrating with us.
  • Louise & her skydiving buddies for making the sign.
  • Henry, Chris, Trav for arranging an additional week's holiday so that Matt could propose on our special day.
  • Lyndelle, I hear you've been an unwavering rock for matt with his nerves and in the ring selection and making process - thank you.
  • Miss Sal and Jen Leonard for your sneaky arrangement of the fake itineraries and ensuring we got there and back safely.
  • Ara for hiding the ring and keeping it safe in Cannes.
I'm sure that there are people I've missed but Matt tells me that without you all this wouldn't have happened so thank you.

At this point we've made no plans but are just so appreciative of everyone's heartfelt messages and will let you know as soon as possible dates for celebrations!