Friday, March 4, 2011

Using their owned assets

In case anyone didn’t notice, Valentine’s Day occurred earlier this week! Whether you’re a believer or not, it is easy to be entertained (and sometimes delighted) by the crazy things that people do for love. Telstra executed this great activation using the digital billboard on the outside of their building in Melbourne. They gave people a number to sms through their name and their Valentine’s name. The message of love then went up in lights on the billboard!

Tactical media activity always helps to demonstrate that a brand has some personality and ‘real’ people working behind it. What I love about this activation is that Telstra employed their owned assets, and technology to make it happen. The only downfall here was that once you had entered your names and been sent an MMS, the version that you could view online couldn’t be instantly shared. If they had allowed people to share the images in social media directly from their site they would have turned what was a nice engaging, tactical activation in Melbourne, into a broader reaching fun campaign that generated more buzz.

Once again, this demonstrates the importance of amplifying your most engaging activity.

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