Friday, March 4, 2011

P&G renew their focus on celeb endorsement

P&G appear to have renewed their focus on celebrity endorsements, this week announcing that J-Lo will, alongside Jonny Wilkinson & Brian O’Driscoll, be endorsing the Gillette brand. P&G have signed J-Lo as the global ambassador for the Venus franchise and have taken an innovative approach to employing her. Rather than just use J-Lo’s ‘face’ P&G have had the artist remake the song “Venus” to drive the association between her and the brand. She will appear in all creative assets but the ‘spectacle’ of her singing makes her presence relevant.

There is nothing new about celebrity endorsement but the way P&G are engaging with their new ambassadors is admirable. Employing our L’Oreal ambassadors to advertise in the field that they’re known for would help to heighten relevance. For instance, if they’re an actress we might make a short film series or if they’re a sportsperson we may run a coaching clinic with them. People expect to be closer than ever to their celebrities thanks to perceived one-to-one communications formats such as twitter. So if a brand facilitated this connection, it would reflect very positively on brand health.

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