Friday, March 4, 2011

Banner ads don’t need to be boring

This ad for channel FOUR in NZ, is a great example of a simple interactive ad. It is designed to raise awareness of two of its programs, Next Top Model & The Biggest Loser, in a fun and engaging way. The user is prompted to slide the bar across the scale. As they do so, they see the model transform in a larger version of her. It is a nice take on fatbooth technology. The image is accompanied by the cheeky headline “There are only seven ice creams of separation between America's Next Top model and The Biggest Loser. Have fun.”

Interactive ads are proven to be more effective than standard display ads and this is great example of using cost efficient media space in an engaging way. This type of ad could easily be employed to demonstrate before & after effects of L’Oreal beauty products. It might make for an interesting use of our new Garnier spokes model when she transforms from her existing look to her new hair colour. It might also allow for consumers to see how applying different amounts of a coloured cosmetic can result in a different look. The idea could be extended one step further and allow users to upload their image & position themselves as the model.

See the example

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