Sunday, August 9, 2009

My friend Nic

My friend Nic is the best.  

I have oft described my boyfriend Matt as akin to alcohol.  He's a social lubricant.  Put him into any situation and he makes it better.  He has this way of making people feel special and he gives every person his full attention when he is speaking to them.  It is an incredible thing to watch.
And, it amazes me that only today, have I realised that Nic is very similar.

She is absolutely gorgeous so attracts people irrespective of her personality but then when she opens her mouth she is so entertaining that you can help but love her.  She organises these outings with all of her friends irrespective of which part of her life they come from and she manages to engage everyone and make sure they have a great time whilst she does too.  She always looks polished without spending a fortune.  She's there to listen when you need it and she is REALLY good at calling just to catch up whenever the time is right.  

I just wanted to out there that I have two of the most naturally amazing people in my life and that I don't appreciate them enough.

Neither of them read this blog but I need the world to know that people this amazing DO exist and that somehow I've struck the jackpot in having two of them in my life.

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