Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shaving Bieber.... why is none else doing it?

A BIG thanks to Briar for bringing this to my attention.

It is a brilliant little app built to plug into firefox. Basically...

* 1 - Go to Shaved Bieber
* 2 - Download or bookmark
* 3 - Enjoy Bieber-free browsing!

It's funny because well... there is an audience who wants to escape Bieber Fever BUT it is clever because to my knowledge, there are no brands using this type of functionality yet.

I think that there is a great opportunity to think about 'browser' apps rather than just the traditional (I can't believe I'm saying that) i-phone app. The greatest opportunity would be to add utility in terms of consumption filtering but you could also create some entertainment value.

Imagine an app that highlighted all the rude words on a page or even combinations of words to make funny sentences. It could completely change the user experience of written content consumption.

Does anyone know why brands haven't broadly entered into this space?
What opportunities can you see for thsi type of filtering application?

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