Monday, June 21, 2010

Cannes 2010: OgivlyOne's Search for the World's Greatest Salesperson

Ogilvy One ran the search for the world’s greatest salesperson.

The seminar opened with a statement “you can create saleability without creating sales”.

Its not enough to create desire & brand attraction on its own unless it translates into action.  Take the environment for example, there is a clear gap between the lives people want to live in theory, and the lives they live in practise.

A good sales pitch requires change of mind and actual behavioural change.

We saw a live context between the three finalists in the search.  They were to sell a Motorola Phone…. (I think it’s a bit of a problem that post all three pitches I still can’t tell you the name of the product).  Irrespective, here’s my short wrap up….

  1. LEE

Felt polished and businesslike.  She was wearing a suit and red shoes which gave me something to remember her by! Her pitch was well rehearsed but seemed to lack a little personality.

Judges comments: “I want to start with you” was nicer than focusing on ‘me’.

2. TODD 

2. Todd a great ‘boy next door’ presence but I was a little disappointed in the delivery.  Again, its seemed a little mundane.  A small slip up mid pitch but he recovered admirably.

He’s opening line “If you were to design a smartphone what would you want?  Speed.”  I thought this was clever as it is an appealing angle that transcends various audiences.

Todd used humour up front to pull me in and then used the features of the phone to show how the phone worked.

Judges comments: good call to action – I’ve got more to tell you but come and see me later.


Eric had me from the start.  He was entertaining, gimmicky and told a story rather than ‘sold’ a phone.

He made me smile which meant he was memorable and he forced me to be engaged by throwing things (free t-shirts I think) at me.

Judges comments: A single idea through a character - mobility


My vote was for Eric but Todd won the challenge.  He then closed out the seminar with a really clean and charismatic speech so maybe I just got distracted by his nerves during the pitch because I ended liking the guy!

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