Monday, October 12, 2009

Brave clients = great campaigns

Who's seen the Toohey's Extra Dry (TED) 5Seeds campaign?

If you haven't and you drink alcohol on occasion then you must have been living under a rock.

They started with a facebook page.

Then launched a treasure hunt.

Now they're talking to the masses on TV, outdoor and radio and by prompting intrigue through a film-style ad have pushed people to YouTube for a 'choose your own adventure' journey.

I'm assuming that the agency were briefed on creating intrigue about this product to prompt trial and I think they're doing that job very well, although I do wonder if the ATL creative is too polarising to shift product.

Another interesting aspect of this campaign, is that they are one of the first Australian brands to replace a micro-site URL with a Facebook page. I applaud the client for a) being forward thinking enough to let the campaign have a life of its own and b) for behaving cost efficiently in a digital world where unique time-lasting assets are no longer a necessity.

p.s. has anybody tried one of these drinks?

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