Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is just a bit awesome

I just stumbled across this awesome execution from Jay Jays (thanks bannerblog).

Jay Jays, whilst primarily a retail brand have found a creative way to engage with their consumers whilst communicating the core benefit of their offering "inexpensive wearable fashion".

The brand have mashed up music, dance and fashion (and they tell you this when you jump on their site) to provide an entertaining, interactive catalogue.

I do have a few questions for them though.

1. Why launch it AFTER So You Think You Can Dance has finished? Or if it was launched previosuly why haven't I seen it anywhere except on an industry blog?

2. You filmed it in 3D and are driving people in-store to get their glasses - have you harnessed any other 3D-ready platforms like cinema or TV to generate further awareness?

I guess the point here is that it will be a great shame if this little piece of awesomness, like so many other great digital ideas, goes missed by many because the balance between production and distribution budgets is not... well... balanced. There isn't even any SEM against it!

Is there any point doing something great if no-one gets to see it?

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