Friday, July 11, 2008

Convergence for the masses

It was announced yesterday that "FOXTEL subscribers will soon be able to download programs on demand using the internet, and also transfer these programs to other devices."

This facility is expected to be available in early 2009. From my point of view - its about time. I personally don't subscribe to Foxtel because I simply don't spend enough time in front of the TV to warrant it. But this gives me a reason to. Now I will be able to download the programs all of my friends are talking about and fit them into my day around my existing lifestyle (ie while I'm commuting).

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for Foxtel though. Their announcement also stated that the facility "will include strict digital rights management to ensure the programs cannot be copied and can be used only by the Foxtel subscriber." I'm not so keen on this - isn't the beauty of greater accessibility to content the ability to then share it?

I'm guessing the greatest effect this will have on consumer behaviour is giving the masses the ability to download without having to trawl the expanse of content that exists on the internet AND without having to sign up to an expensive broadband contract. Hopefully it will be structured as an organised quick-fix, bundled into the Foxtel subscription.

If that's the case sign me up.

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