Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm back...

Its been awhile but I've been inspired so I've decided to start writing again.

This entry isn't exactly a pre-cursor for what I intend to publish moving forward, it merely serves as a launching pad to share with you where I am at now.

After leaving the island that had it in for me my bus driver & I returned to the land of Oz.  We are so happy!! I simply can't express how good it is to be home and have the luxuries of running water, fresh food, friends and a population in excess of 100,000 to revel in!

I am happily employed by my dream company - one that doesn't have a chauvinistic pig at the head but quite the opposite.  It is one that encourages creativity, a balanced lifestyle and expression of opinion.  It is one that encourages hard work but not excess.  It is one where I fit in.

Although I am somewhat settled back into life in Australia I still travel a lot.  Everyday.  For four hours.  That's right.... no longer do I have the ever exciting lifestyle of a traveller but the life of a commuter.

Now I have had a number of people express their sympathy to the fact that I make the journey day in day out from home to work BUT I need to point out that this life, although tiring is much more satisfying than life on an island.

Each day I experience new things and although they may be things I would rather go without, they do bring to me a new perspective on life.  

So, if you are a commuter and if you perhaps think that you go under the radar of anonymity - watch out, I'm taking notes!

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