Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hello from Grey London

Hello everyone!

Well here I am on the first leg of my tour of Europe. I am feeling a bit displaced at the moment. It is so surreal having talked about travelling for so long and now being here.

The flight over was fantastic. Despite the airline being somewhat budget (ie no TVs on the backs of seats) the service was amazing. The Japanese people were incredibly lovely - they couldn't have done enough for us. In Osaka we had a one night & half day stopover but couldn't really leave the airport. The airport is built on a pontoon in the middle of the harbour. It was crazy. We didn't realise until we were taking off for the second flight - from Osaka to London but it was literally like putting a pontoon in Sydney Harbour then landing on it. Despite not leaving the airport precinct I was inspired to return to Japan as the people were so lovely & the landscape - from the air amazing.

Arrived in London without a hitch. Brett met us at the airport & took us straight back to his place. After winding down for a bit we had a few drinks & went to a pub at Putney (I think it was called the Duck & Swan or something like that). Met an English man named Jules (how English dahhhrling) and an Aussie named Anthony. Anthony was from Perth & has been here for four years. It was good getting some advice on places to go etc etc.

Sunday morning we walked into Putney (from Fulham) along the Thames. It is exactly as everyone describes it - brown & smelly! Although I was very surprised at the animals. We saw a squirrel & heaps of ducks & geese. There was also a rowing race on leading up to the Oxford to Cambridge next weekend. It was awesome (get it Dan??) seeing so many boats rowing down the river. We went shopping for a bit but were all in a bit of a daze so just picked up some food & sim card.

My number is: +447748548855

I'm feeling a bit homesick at the moment so please message/call whenever!! I'm going to see Sal Ahearn tonight & stay at her place - it will be great to see someone who is like family to me. I'm sure Ill feel more at home when I see her.

Off to London today to sort out banking & find my feet a bit. Kate - you should see the op shops here!!! I know Im not supposed to be shopping but they are great & seem to be everywhere!

I'll email again soon but hope to hear back from you with all the news from home.

Love to you all

Loz xxx

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