Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Whopping Good Ad?

This morning a few people different people have brought the newest piece of viral from Burger King to my attention. There is a number of reasons for this.

1. It is a great example of driving traffic to a microsite

2. It demonstrates the use of engaging content that tells a story and doesn't 'shout' at consumers

See this article for a wrap up.

What it did for me however was produce a massive lump in my throat.

Whilst the producers of the piece put a moralistic spin on the content, purporting that both the 'whopper virgins' and the researchers were focused on learning new things and sharing cultural intricacies, overall it is simply another instance of commercial powers taking advantage of the less developed for capitalist reasons.

From viewing the piece I got no insight into the non-American cultures involved in the resaerch, rather my outtake was exactly what the advertiser wanted - that the Whopper was more popular than the Big Mac. Perhaps this piece would have resonated better if the moralistic spin was omitted and the piece was broadcast as exactly what it was, a ploy to sell more burgers.

I just hope the research participants got paid in US Dollars before the global ecomony went into a downward spiral.

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