Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ireland to Malta


Sorry its been awhile since an update - I've have frantic messages from some of you! NO I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth I've just fallen into the arms of a very welcoming Maltese family who aren't giving me much time to email!!

Last I left you was in Dublin.....
I moved on from my luxury hostel in Dublin (which Darcy bluntly proclaimed the end of the earth). After walking me home at 2.30am after a night on the town he wanted to instantly move me out of there although it wasn't that bad - at least it was clean but unfortunately in a bad part of town. So I stayed with Darcy & his flatmate for the next 2 nights which was a bit of luxury. Damien's family home was massive. A little like David Low's house for those of you who know it but with the distinct added ambiance of a bachelor pad! I had the best sleep that I had had in weeks which refreshed me for a trip to the Guinness brewery!

I had my first pint of the black stuff after walking around the museum and learning how it was made. Much to my surprise (or perhaps as a result of a well trained liver) the black gold was not as difficult to drink as I had been told. IT was less like a meal and more like a beer (how sup rising!). I did only have one pint though so perhaps after a night of drinking it I would feel the true pain of the stuff. At the end of the day Darcy took me to a traditional Irish pub with fiddlers and all. It was awesome! I just love the Irish music! Darcy was very embarrassed to be there as I was acting like a typical tourist but a few pints later and he was jigging along with me!

Paddywagon tours....
had been recommended to me by Lowy and was definitely well worth the booking! I met at Paddy's Palace - a bright green building and jumped on a bus with 10 other girls, 2 guys and Steve the tour guide. As soon as I sat down I made a friend (yay for me!) her name was Lucie and she is from Melbourne (Lucinda Gorman for you Melbourne's if you happen to know her). Anyway we got on like a proverbial house on fire after five minutes of frantically talking over the top of each other (remember I haven't had a girly goss for almost 5 weeks now) we knew each other's life stories and were the best of friends! The tour was 3 days of the south of Ireland. The first stop was an old castle where I was more interested in food (bare in mind the hangover from the Irish pub the night before) and the second stop the Blarney Castle. The Blarney Castle was amazing! It was set in a stunning garden and had been extremely well preserved. Climbing to the top of the Blarney Castle was exhausting. I don't know how all of the old people of tour do it. I also don't know how fat people make it up the stairs! The stairwells and hallways are so narrow. Getting to the top was definitely worth it though. The view was amazing and kissing the stone an awesome and very touristy experience.

That night we stayed in Killarney then onto Galway the next day. At Killarney we stayed in great hostel which was really clean with en suite bathrooms. Lucie & managed to share a room and we still hadn't stopped talking. After sampling some Irish shots including the Irish Flag and a car bomb (half pint of Guiness with a shot of Baileys) we managed to dance up a storm at Garnnery's PUb then be chased back to the hostel by some old drunk Irishman. Luckily he was so drunk that he couldn't walk straight or very well and thus couldn't keep up with the 2fit young Aussies lasses!!

On the way to Galway...
we crossed the river Shannon and saw lots of dolphins. I was so surprised to see them outside of warm waters - although it wasn't cold but I'm sure that the water was. Lucie & I kept commenting the Ireland looked like one big Devondale Butter ad! It is so green and there are cows that pop up over hills in random places. The next stop was the Cliffs of Moher. These were very cool. Lucie & I had bought food for lunch so had a picnic at the top. Check out my photos if you want to see how amazing they are. Galway was our final destination and was very cool. The group went out for diner and ended up having a very big night - Morts I stole 2 pint glasses for you and Dan a reflector from a witches hat for you (its in the mail). Morts, I thought you could do without the pint glasses, I didn't want to encourage more drinking than you currently do! Lucie & I picked up some very hard men (bronze statues to be precise - again check the photos) before finding a kebab shop called ABRAKEBABRA!! Kate & Lowy there is a photo for you of this! Nothing else very interesting to report from Ireland except that my summation would be that it is a very beautiful place with very friendly people but sleazy men! I also think they are the hardest partiers in the world!

The 6 hour wait in Gatwick airport....
was not as bad as I had anticipated! I read a book that Lucie had given me and sent some postcards as well as slept and ate! I was so excited about getting to Malta that I'm surprised the wait didn't seem to take longer!!! The flight to Malta took 3 hours and when I got off the plane I was greeted by 2 very loving and excited family members - Dorren and her daughter Wendy. Mum, Dad and my sister had all warned me that my time in Malta would not be relaxing but more like an intense guided tour! They were rightl! From the minute I got off the plane until now I simply haven't stopped!

MY time here is about to run out so I will update everyoneon the land of the MAltesers asasoon as I'm allowed some free time again!!

Hope you are all well!

LOve Loz

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